Ensure the longevity of your product by using dehumidifiers for warehouse

Humidity causes a various range of problems in storage areas such as damage to a vast range of structures, equipment, accessories, stocks, and yes the material stored in such warehouses.

Warehouse Dehumidifiers

AMFAH provides an exclusive range of dehumidifiers for large warehouses and stock rooms. Using Blue dry technology and energy-efficient compressors, our dehumidifiers ensure maximum dependability and cost savings.

Problems Faced if we don’t use dehumidifiers

Material Damage

Material stored in warehouses, storage areas, or packaging areas without RH control is susceptible to fungal growth, structural damage, discoloration, or separation thus impacting the finished product quality. To avoid such damage to the goods, it is essential that the humidity be kept at a constant level. Keeping clean food production and storage facilities is not enough to keep consumables safe and increase their shelf lives. Food safety and quality are given the top priority in production areas.

To meet these standards it has become extremely important to observe stringent humidity and temperature controls right from production, processing, and storage areas to the packaging rooms of the materials.

Application Areas

Electronic storage

Electrodes, digital circuit boards, PCBs, cameras, AV equipment

Media storage

Magnetic Media, Photographs, Optical Disc.

Currency storage

Strong room, Currency chest.

Musical Instruments

Piano, Harmonium, Guitar.

Material storage

Food, soap, upholstery, metal – umbrella, furniture, powder, packaging material – CFB / Foil / Laminates

Know Why A Dehumidifier Is Necessary For Warehouses!!

A warehouse is a location where things are kept in order to be moved out at a later date. The duration of storage might range from a week to months or years. To keep the products in their original state, warehousings are used. Excess moisture/humidity problems can occur in virtually any warehouse or storage facility, resulting in costly and time-consuming damage to a wide range of goods and materials, including rubber mats, iron, powders, wood, cardboard, paper, salt, canvas, medicines, database logs, and so on, as well as any products stored in such facilities.

The quality of the product and its shelf life are both affected by high ambient humidity in the warehouse. In storage rooms, things are frequently stacked one on top of the other. This method of storage causes products to fuse together. Typically high humidity inside the warehouses results in sticking of the stored materials, deteriorating the chemical and physical properties of the product. The extraction of high water content from the air is the main solution to this problem. The ideal humidity level for all the storerooms in the storage area and packaging area should be between 45%-55% RH

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